Group Therapy

Group therapy may seem awkward and frightening to most people, but the healing that happens within a group therapy experience cannot be matched! It’s truly one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences within a therapy model.

We are going to overcome the fears, the depression, the addictions, the betrayals, the traumas, the illnesses, the losses and we will do it together. In group we are more vulnerable and because of that we are more courageous than ever before. The strength you get from a group session will change your life forever.

Your personal growth occurs within a social context when relating to otherspersonal experiences. Our group therapy sessions provide you with an opportunity to share your pain, your strength and your hope with others facing similar life challenges. You will find that you are met with a surplus of understanding and support from other group members; you are not alone!  Group therapy allows you to feel empowered and in control of your choices. You will become the hopeful captain of your life.