Individual Therapy

Life can be overwhelming and is filled with challenges. We can help.
Our counselors are experienced and have the knowledge necessary to help any personal challenges you face. We promise to always be fully present and accepting regardless of where patients have been or are going on their journey. We strive to facilitate healing and growth through the therapeutic alliance and individual processes. We are focused on you.

Our Skill
Our counselors strive to help clients overcome challenges they experience in their personal, professional, family, or romantic lives. NWA Premier Counseling therapists devote essential one on one time in individual therapy that assists clients as they struggle with questions of meaning, purpose, and motivation. Our team strives to not only improve quality of life, but also facilitate a positive change that is lasting.

Our Promise
We believe that every human is important and valued. Being genuinely heard affirms that value. Healing occurs within the context of a therapeutic relationship. It is critical to meet a client where they are on their journey in life without judgment. Confidentiality is strictly maintained ensuring trust and openness.